Our mission is to recover the Biblical truth of God’s gospel on campus. We strive for gospel clarity and to be grounded in the gospel in the way we speak, act, and do ministry. We yearn for those who have been transformed by God to join us in this mission as we commit ourselves in the business of recovering the Biblical gospel.

MCF at a glance

The real stuff you sometimes don't get to see.



We meet as an official club, run by Christian students from Monash University Malaysia under the Club & Societies (C&S) division of Monash University Student Association (MUSA).

Our second home. Monash is our turf.

CF happens on campus during the physical semester. When CF meetups aren't happening, we're usually at the Hive, in the library, or somewhere in the cafeteria (all places on campus!). You'd likely find us working on the Bible, rushing our assignments, talking about ministry, or resting in between classes. All of our time is used for Jesus because we believe that He deserves nothing less from us.



We passionately work hard at recovering the Biblical Gospel by preaching the truth to Monashians, hoping that all will come to repentance and grow in faith to love and serve Jesus' people.

Truth at all costs: All or Nothing for Jesus.

Our mission on campus is to be first and foremost Christians who care about spreading God's revealed truth in the Bible at all cost. That is why we rely on the Word of God, improving what we do, so that we get it right. In all things, we want to make sure that the Biblical Gospel is preached faithfully. We fight to always stand for and never compromise on the truth as we represent the Christian community in Monash University.



True Christian fellowship is founded upon the Word. We are centered on the Word of God, encouraging one another by grounding ourselves in the scriptures through our weekly meetups.

United by the Word, to do the work of the Word.

Standing for the truth on campus where there are different views and where opinions matter more is tough. But true Christian fellowship isn't about us setting aside our differences for the sake of unity. Rather, it looks like men and women working hard on the Bible, constantly being ruled and formed by it. It is the Word of God that rules MCF's activities and fellowship.