June 28th - July 1st 2022
RM300 per pax

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why this camp?

The camp is a call to realize that there is only one singular reality in our lives, which is to live for God alone--it is nevermine but Wholly His.

why this camp?

The Gospel reveals to us that this world belongs to the One Holy Creator God, the only giver, and determiner of life.

But the fallen humanity had rejected God and instead chose to define life in our own way.

The Gospel transforms rebellious sinners who are in denial of God's truth into followers of Christ who understands real life is ultimately found in living under God and for His glory alone (Soli Deo Gloria).

All Christians are called to recognize Jesus as Lord and Saviour by obeying His commands, trusting in His redemptive works on the cross and turning away from their old ways of life.

I. The gospel

why this camp?

However, as Gen Z-ers, we tend to live a very dichotomised life where we see our lives as fragments (study mode, church mode, CF mode), instead of one reality under God.

We are the ME generation.

We were raised being taught that we need to make the best out of our lives, to make the choices we wanted to make.

We spent most of our lives being taught that life was all about us, our happiness and our comfort. And we believed that we deserve these things in life.

These factors further hinder us to understand what it means to live our lives wholly for God.

Nevermine is about recognising our Christian calling and learning how to live our lives with God at the center, finding fulfillment only in Him and not ourselves.

II. Our Generation